Installation and Commissioning

‘Spark’ is a one stop solution to get your power up and running smoothly and swiftly.


Being a top-notch power systems provider, Spark power systems caters to its customers with a proven portfolio of installation services that ensures customers and clients, their critical power systems are designed and delivered to highest standards. Carried out by a team of highly potent engineers, our services offer comprehensive project management along with a high standard work of installation that puts a direct impact on the reliability of your critical power solution. Focused on delivering complete regulatory compliance you can rely on our robust solution build on outstanding workmanship.

From initial site surveys to expert installations and commissioning we help you get your systems up and running smoothly and safely, be it whatever size or application.


Spark power systems provides its customers with expert commissioning service to assure that the systems are ready to be delivered. Our specialists make sure that ramp up your unit and commission it in compliance with the appropriate electronic norms and carry our stringent checks on its operating functions. Our commissioning also allows you to benefit from the full protection of your manufacturer warranty.