Spark Power Systems

Spark Power Systems has been successfully delivering high quality systems and services for over a decade in the UAE and worldwide. We provide critical power supplies at all conditions and work towards delivering secure power systems and solutions. Our Generators are tested and tailored to operate in the harsh climatic conditions that prevail in the Middle East. Our Italian partner develops, produces, sells and installs systems for the generation of electricity for a total of 700MW per year. Renowned for both technical excellence and operational expertise, our company specializes in protecting the most demanding applications. We are prominent in several sectors including Medical, Financial services, Power utilities as well as Oil & Gas and Telecommunications.

Our Product Range

Diesel Generators

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Diesel Generators ranges from 10 kVA – 3200 kVA. –

  • Powered by Perkins | Cummins | MTU.
  • Engines with Brushless alternator varying from 400 V to 11 kV. .

AC & DC Power Systems

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Uninterruptable Power Supply – UPS
  • Input / Output Single Phase Up to 10 kVA.
  • Three Phase/ Single Phase up to 40 kVA.
  • Three phase / three phase up to 400 kVA

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Power Factor Correction Systems

Capacitors with Resin and Gas filled (Nitrogen) insulation, up to
800 V Contactors and Thyristor Switch insertions, Detuning chokes for network with high THD, are only a part of configurations that we can realize inside our equipment.

UPS Project Management & Batteries

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Rectifier-Battery Correction Systems Voltage Stabilizer

From 2013, we introduced Microprocessor Technology, realized with SCR Thyristor Bridge, 6 or 12 pulses. This solution, has allowed us to realize equipment up to 600 A, with output voltage up to 240 VDC.

24-Hours Service Support and Annual Maintenance Contracts

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  • Spark generator rental services include installation, maintenance, refueling and monitoring services.
  • Annual maintenance contact is available and includes diagnostic, overhauling, load bank testing, repairing and rebuilding.
  • In order to ensure uninterrupted power supply, we provide emergency power restoration and repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mobile Flood Light Towers

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  • Mobile floodlight towers are available, suitable for oil and gas sites, construction sites, events, road and tunnel works, industrial works and maintenance operations.

Rental of Diesel / Gas Powered Generator sets

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Spark Power Systems offers temporary power generation – Rental of Diesel / Gas Powered Generator sets starting from 100 kVA to
1250 kVA with multiple MW on LV / HV systems.

  • Distributed Power Generation Solution
  • Temporary Power Plants
  • Emergency Power Generation
  • Industrial Power Generation
  • Peak Shaving
  • Grid Stability & Support

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