Site Survey Services

Spark power systems, understands that no two power sites are the same. We anticipate your potential issues and needs with zealous analytical services. Apart from this before installing your critical power solution, our experienced and skilled team of engineers make sure to undertake an in-depth site survey covering factors such as space, business continuity, electric supply and floor loadings. Not only are our assessments detailed, but they are completed on time without any business disruption.

We can help identify the space, layout, style, challenges and recommend solutions for your specific site! Some of our consultancy services include the following:

Power Quality Analysis

Disruptions in your electrical power can lead to serious malfunctioning of your business equipment. Retaining this in mind, we undertake sophisticated power quality analysis to identify problems. Our expert site consultants conduct tests that include everything from grounding to harmonic surveys and detection of problems with voltage, current, harmonics and other factors which will rectify and prevent any arising problems.

Power Surveys

We undertake full business hours or out-of-hours surveys of your sites to help you make informed choices about your critical power protection.

Whether it be an onshore or offshore site, we will visit your site to configure the best options for your diesel generator installation. A specialist engineers will undertake a fully acoustic survey to establish the recognised noise level and cooling airflow path into and out of your plant room. Our complete installation service ensures complete continuity for our customers. Our expert engineers oversee the offload of machinery into position; conduct a thorough mechanical and electrical installation and fully test and commission the generator before handing it over to the customer with our comprehensive documentation.